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Count Spades group on DeviantArt is up! - January 21st, 2011, 1:28 am

Hey everyone! Just wanna update you on how things are going.

As I stated in the last page update, I was/currently am taking a week off to work on stuff other than comic pages for CS. One of them is the twins' character sketch so that I can get their profile up soon. So far, it's halfway done. The lineart is finished and the colors are filled in. I just need to finish shading and they'll be done. The other thing I'm working on is a picture for the new layout I'll be making for the site. So far, just the lineart is done, but I'm not in a HUGE rush to get it done. You can visit my twitter for updates on how that's going. And you can see pictures of progress on my twitpic. <3


The next thing I wanted to let you guys know is that a group was made for Count Spades in DeviantArt~ I'll be posting the comic there too, but there will also be larger, higher resolution, textless versions of pictures there. I'll also be putting up CS-related doodles and sketches that don't really have a place here on SJ.


If you want to join to just show your support, I would be most flattered, grateful, and appreciative! <3

Thanks for being patient with the next page. It's sketched out, but I won't start the lineart until Monday. I hope that's fine with you~

Thanks and much love!

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