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Cast page is up... with ONE character. - November 30th, 2010, 9:32 pm

Doing this update a few hours early.

After reading everybody's personal thoughts about it, I decided to go back to solid toning. For these reasons; 1: Solid toning is more smooth and clean. Easier to see details with. 2: I was able to correct mistakes on pages that I wasn't able to do when using comic tones. 3: Comic tones can tend to be a bit rough on the eyes when you're using a vast amount on one page. And 4: This is basically me just going back to the way I used to tone back in the good ol' days. So I apologize to anyone in advance who liked the comic tones more, and I hope this alone doesn't make the comic less interesting to you.

Now onto updates. I replaced the first page that was nearly-impossible to read with the font I use for these pages. Much easier to read now. Sorry about that. c: Also, all of the other pages were replaced with solid-toning. I figure I'll use comic tones for another project when I've gotten used to using them correctly.

Oh! And good news. The characters page is FINALLY up!--Bad news, there's only one character there. *GETS SLAPPED* I'm sorry!!! I was DESPERATELY trying to get Spades up there with Lala this update, but the lineart for Spades was butchering me. This morning I was planning to get up and bust a move to try to get it done, but I woke up sick this morning. But Spades will definitely be up by next update...... probably. But I hope you like Lala's fullbody sketch. c: Old CS readers will even know why she's holding a certain object. Ohohoho.

Also, I'll probably be taking down concept art in just a moment. It'll be pointless as characters start to get put up in the cast page, since there have been changes to designs since the concept art was up. For the better of course. I hope.

And before I go, thanks for all of your opinions when I asked for them! I was really having trouble deciding when it came to toning and you really helped me out. c:

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Mythee on December 1st, 2010, 7:07 am  

*uses potion on Antares cheek* ovo;; I love the way you did the character page, with boxes and everything! OvO <33 Hurr. It'll be super cool seeing those fill out gradually. It's kind of like an advent calendar. 8D

...*facedesks* I forgot why Lala was holding that. That she ever held that at all. D'8 NUUUUU. Oh well, everyone will find out again in time! OvO *EXCITE* And you're welcome about the opinion! Thank you MORE for your comicking genius! ;v;

Nitsuru on December 1st, 2010, 11:11 am  

uwaaaaa~ I love how you set up the cast page with all the boxes and everything!
Lol I think I remember why Lala is holding that, I think she used it to hit the Count when he said something stupid, and then it became like a weapon to her XD (Even if it isn't that, I'll probably figure out again soon! >.< Now get better! )