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I'm REAAAALLY sorry about this, but my computer ended up breaking completely and will no longer run for me. Therefore, page updates have been delayed until I can figure out what to do.

Once again, I'm really really sorry. I didn't plan for it to happen, especially right when Spades had finally shown up in the last page. I'm extremely frustrated. But at this point, I can't do much else until I get money to buy a new computer.

Once again, I'm sorry. And thanks so much for reading so far. <3

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Count Spades group on DeviantArt is up!

Hey everyone! Just wanna update you on how things are going.

As I stated in the last page update, I was/currently am taking a week off to work on stuff other than comic pages for CS. One of them is the twins' character sketch so that I can get their profile up soon. So far, it's halfway done. The lineart is finished and the colors are filled in. I just need to finish shading and they'll be done. The other thing I'm working on is a picture for the new layout I'll be making for the site. So far, just the lineart is done, but I'm not in a HUGE rush to get it done. You can visit my twitter for updates on how that's going. And you can see pictures of progress on my twitpic. <3


The next thing I wanted to let you guys know is that a group was made for Count Spades in DeviantArt~ I'll be posting the comic there too, but there will also be larger, higher resolution, textless versions of pictures there. I'll also be putting up CS-related doodles and sketches that don't really have a place here on SJ.


If you want to join to just show your support, I would be most flattered, grateful, and appreciative! <3

Thanks for being patient with the next page. It's sketched out, but I won't start the lineart until Monday. I hope that's fine with you~

Thanks and much love!

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Computer problems.

Sooo... there's been some complications since yesterday. To make a long story short, my pc died. Blew up. Is gone. D: SO basically I'm trying to find a way around the whole situation. So here's the update on that.

Basically moving my files and stuff over onto a laptop until we can save the money up to get a new pc, along with Sai and Photoshop. Problem is that my tablet doesn't work with this version of Windows. So now I have to order a new tablet. While it's been ordered, I dunno when it'll arrive. But I don't have any control of that. Marrrgh.

Sorry about this. :c I hope this crap gets resolved soon.

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Update schedule change.

Schedule for comic updates has changed... or more, like trashed. Realized that by the time Christmas hits, I STILL won't be able to get Lala into the castle. So for chapter 1, I'll just be updating as I finish pages like I did back in the day. By the time chapter 2 comes along, I'll go back to Wednesday updates. Not to mention I'm a bit down over some irl things, and the work will keep my mind off of stuff.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading!

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Good news, bad news.

Hey guys. I decided to make a twitter for Count Spades. There, I'll be posting up sneak peeks of pages, concept art, stuff for future projects and all that cool stuff. (Mind you, I'm new to this whole twitter-thing, so I seldom know what I'm doing 70% of the time.)


Go ahead and follow if you feel like it. And let me know if you have a twitter so I can follow you back. c:

Also, I got the next page fully toned out, so that means Spades' profile will definitely be up by Wednesday since I have all this time to work on it. Woot.

Now for the bad news. My pc's dying. ORZ

Don't know what I'm going to do. Cause no pc = no drawing = no good. I'll try to figure something out though. It would suck to not be able to post pages when I've gotten back into the swing of things.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. Thanks guys.

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Cast page is up... with ONE character.

Doing this update a few hours early.

After reading everybody's personal thoughts about it, I decided to go back to solid toning. For these reasons; 1: Solid toning is more smooth and clean. Easier to see details with. 2: I was able to correct mistakes on pages that I wasn't able to do when using comic tones. 3: Comic tones can tend to be a bit rough on the eyes when you're using a vast amount on one page. And 4: This is basically me just going back to the way I used to tone back in the good ol' days. So I apologize to anyone in advance who liked the comic tones more, and I hope this alone doesn't make the comic less interesting to you.

Now onto updates. I replaced the first page that was nearly-impossible to read with the font I use for these pages. Much easier to read now. Sorry about that. c: Also, all of the other pages were replaced with solid-toning. I figure I'll use comic tones for another project when I've gotten used to using them correctly.

Oh! And good news. The characters page is FINALLY up!--Bad news, there's only one character there. *GETS SLAPPED* I'm sorry!!! I was DESPERATELY trying to get Spades up there with Lala this update, but the lineart for Spades was butchering me. This morning I was planning to get up and bust a move to try to get it done, but I woke up sick this morning. But Spades will definitely be up by next update...... probably. But I hope you like Lala's fullbody sketch. c: Old CS readers will even know why she's holding a certain object. Ohohoho.

Also, I'll probably be taking down concept art in just a moment. It'll be pointless as characters start to get put up in the cast page, since there have been changes to designs since the concept art was up. For the better of course. I hope.

And before I go, thanks for all of your opinions when I asked for them! I was really having trouble deciding when it came to toning and you really helped me out. c:

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Count Spades releasing early!

Releasing the first four pages a couple of days early because of blardy blar stuff I already mentioned on the first page. Just thought I'd say it officially in a news post. c:

Next page will be posted on the first--when the comic was SUPPOSED to start.

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Just a week left!

We have just a week left until Count Spades officially restarts! Thanks so everyone who's been sticking around and being so supportive. I'm doing everything that I absolutely can to make the story and designs look and sound better than they ever were before.

To those who submitted characters, I'm sorry the wait to hear about them is taking so long. There's alot of rewriting and some redesigning to do so that they'll fit in with the story perfectly. I even had to make some changes to the story itself for them. But overall, I think it'll turn out well.

My next mission is to get the characters section up. In the past, I only used chibis, but I decided I didn't want to do that this time. I want to have full body sketches to use. It'll take longer, but I think it'll look a whole lot better than before. I just need to concentrate on getting Spades and Lala done, first and foremost.

Also, you probably noticed the new banner. It's temporary. I'm going to make an even better animated banner. I just put this one up in the meantime while I get some stuff sorted out.

Once again, thank you for sticking around!

Hope you all have a wonderful November, and Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate it!

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